Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frog Queen folly #2

Last November I posted the first in a series of Chris follies (Now on to be known as Frog Queen Follies, to stay consistent.)

These are completely unnecessary creations for the graveyard or the party that I just have to have. Because I am the Evil Artistic Director - I have to keep up my reputation. :)

Anyway, this year, the other Chris made me a companion cube! I know how cool is that! It was a party decoration.....I know, just what a church/graveyard needs. Definitely a folly :)

Most of you are probably saying....companion cube???!! Huh?!?!

It is from the game Portal, which is the funniest game I (we, okay mostly husband) has ever played. Anyway, you have to carry around this companion cube in the game, and eventually destroy it :(

Well, I wanted one of my own.....and husband put a player in it so when you press a button it sings the theme song.....which is hilarious.

Very geeky, but not so much as this guy who made his own Portal Gun. Which, BTW, is very, cool....I think I need one :)

See, I am not that crazy.....unless you count that Halloween obsession :)


  1. That was a fun project.
    Frustrating occasionally, but fun.
    I perfected my theory of QuasiNonsensical Moolean Geometry working on that cube.

  2. LOL! That is why I love working with you! Looking forward to getting started.


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