Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If husband believes it

I will use it as the excuse for why I took a very long nap today.

I work for a place that has Presidents Day as a holiday! WoooHooo!!

So, I lazed around today....a lot. :)

It was also what I call a Dorie day. My Dorie cat likes me, but is not overly affectionate. But today, she was following me around the house crying to be petted. So late this afternoon when I headed upstairs to get ready to see a movie, she followed me and ran under my feet all the way to the bedroom.

I picked her up and she, on this rare occasion, did not want me to put her down. So I sat on the bed and she curled up in my lap to fall asleep.

I thought, well if she is napping, so am I.

So I crawled back in bed truly expecting her to run away, and then I would get up. But if she stayed, I would use it for an excuse for a nap.

She crawled right under the covers after me and went to sleep. And so did I until Hal walks on the bed to join me cause he LOVES naps, and proceeds to sleep on top of Dorie (who he cannot see.) Hall is almost twice her size, so it does not take long before she is out of the covers....and although I thought she would run away, she did not....she curled up by my neck and went back to sleep.

Husband comes up looking for me and I tell him "look the cats took me hostage!" He said they do look very comfy and upset that I turned on the light and woke them up.

He bought it. Wow, that was easier than I thought. :)

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