Sunday, February 1, 2009

I hate working

in print.

My job entails all kinds of evil ways to separate us consumers from our money. One of those ways is in advertising. One of the most expensive ways to promote a product or services. You would seriously not believe how my newspaper advertising costs.

So, getting it right is important, you are paying for thousands of people to see your ad. Be crystal clear with your ad rep and run the right ad.

You think I would know that by now.

No, obviously I do not.

You can see where I went wrong:

Me to ad rep,"Run the last ad we ran."

Ad rep, "Sure, I will let you know if I need to re size it."

Me, "Great, thanks for being so flexible."

Sounds like that went pretty smooth right? The wrong ad was run, it had outdated information.

How did this happen?

Ah, here is the same talk but with the commentary on.

Me to ad rep,"Can I just use the last ad we ran." (I mean the "last" ad that I ran with their regular publication, about two weeks ago. She is thinking the last time I ran an ad in special annual guide she is talking about.)

Ad rep, "Sure, I will let you know if I need to re size it." (I think good, the ad that I ran might not fit for the special publication - meaning that we are talking about the same ad. So I don't worry, she will let me know if there is a problem. She is thinking that the size of the special edition has changed and they may need to re size the ad from last year.)

Me, "Great, thanks for being so flexible." (I think how great it is that they are going to make it easy for me and just re size my ad so that I don't have to have it done on such short notice. She is thinking wow, this is easy, I just get to use last year's ad.)

Husband programs for a living, if he messes up, "its a bug" and he fixes it and most likely in a week no one could even remember it.

My mistakes are on the back outside cover in full color and anyone can get it and bring it back and show it to me anytime they want. They fold nicely into your personnel folder and are right there for easy reference when your review comes up. So, I know I will see it again in about 10 months :)

I am so glad I have a hobby/obsession I love, or some days I would throw myself into the river. (And I have to drive over a bridge on the way home, so it is pretty easy to do :)

I think I am going to start taking web design classes.......this print thing is killing me.

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  1. Your not getting away that easy!

    If you go, I go!

    If you're throwing yourself into the river, I'm next!


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