Monday, April 27, 2009

From Milwaukie, Oregon

to Milwaukeem, Wisconsin.

We leave tomorrow morning to head to our fourth Hauntcon. We were considering not going, you know, the economy and all, but when we found that we are getting a tour of Terror on the Fox - we had to go.

We have learned a lot for the guys (and I believe one girl now) at Bad Boys Scenic Design. There reason we have the church facade on the front of the shop is because of their teaching and got all those cool mini LED spotlights that light the whole yard....on one 12V adaptor!!!! I have not thrown a breaker during Halloween in years! :)

We are (actually husband is) presenting his seminar on how to make a 3-Axis Talking Bucky Skull. To be fair, I did design the lovely full color hand-out :) I did threaten to teach the "How to Design a Graveyard" seminar again.....but I didn't want to work that hard :)

Look forward to meeting up with our friends and some of our favorite vendors (EFX Tek, Froggy's Fog, Skeleton Store. Leonard and Jeannie to name a few). And the immensely fun Costume Ball!!

I will try to update the blog while I am there and hopefully Twitter a bit.....BTW - T-Mobile does not let you Twitter from your phone :(

Switching to AT&T and getting an iPhone sounds better every day :)


  1. If you get a G1 (The Google Phone, comparable to an iPhone) and keep your T-Mo, you can get "TwiDroid" an app which will definitely let you Twitter from your phone.


  2. Most awesome! Have a great time and safe travels!


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