Thursday, April 2, 2009

I guess I was out

of patience. I have had a lot of long work days lately. And they do say you take it out on the ones closest to you. So......

When I come home one day last week husband is dying to tell me that he has been researching promotional items for the Davis Graveyard on Cafe Press and Zazzle. Oh, no, this is sounding way too much like my day job......

My face shows that I am not impressed, and I try real hard not to say what is on my mind. But I fail.

"Why? I order cups and shirts and stuff for our friends. Who, out there would want any Davis Graveyard logo'd happy crap."

(That is, actually, an official marketing term, one I greatly prefer over "swag". Happy crap has a built in sarcasm that suits it perfectly. I have the whole marketing department using that term, much to the dislike of my supervisor :)

"Seriously, honey, if someone wants something, just ask me. I already have it set up with my favorite "happy crap" vendor. I can get just about anything.....for the one person that will actually order."

He looks hurt. Crap - should have been more sensitive. I was not kidding when I said he was the nice one in the relationship.

"Okay, honey, tell what you found out." He proceeds to tell me the pro and cons of each site (in my head I am focusing on the cons) and asks me which one we should use.

I know I am supposed to care and say something that makes it look like I am really interested all the information he just gave me.

Instead I say - "Zazzle does printing on the back of the shirts right? We both like that and the other ones do not. Right?" He say "yeah"
"Done - go with Zazzle"

"But...what about......"

"No seriously, I am done. Go ahead, sign us up for Zazzle."

Yikes, that sounded harsh.

I then got to thinking, and that made it worse.

"So explain to me why this "store" is okay, but on our FAQs " (we put them in a mud man out in the yard in October. They are a have no idea how many times I have been asked if the tombstones are real) "you are dying for me to take off the line about how we would sell props, just contact us for next year."

As soon as I said it I think even the voices in my head gasped! So very quickly I say...

"I know, not the same thing, go ahead and set up whatever you like, just let people know that we are not making money on this and don't make our friends feel like they have to buy this stuff to support our Graveyard. "

We agree.

So, now on the Davis Graveyard products page we have a link to our Zazzle page, as well as our My Publisher books (cool but expensive) and our DVDs.

The first day it was up....we got two orders.

The Frog Queen is wrong again :)

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