Friday, April 3, 2009

Uh, no

I can't type the heading I want to type.....husband will kill me. :)

I just had to share that husband has been working on a new 3-axis talking Bucky skull for our seminar at Hauntcon in May. He posted about it on his blog Space Robots.

It is a great improvement over the skull from last Halloween that had, well, let's say, some difficulties :)

It worked part/most of the time. Let's put it this way, if you got to there early, you got to see The Coachman in all it's perfectness.

But by 9:00 p.m. he was not giving it his all, turns out The Coachman was a bit of a diva and did not want to work as hard as the other props. :)Something about one of the controller cards not getting enough power?!

He assures me that this new skull will have no such problems.

I guess I have to say that nothing will motivate husband like knowing that he has to demonstrate how to build a prop in front of 75 or so haunted attraction owners :)


  1. I wish I could build such a prop in the following years... I need to gain some experience first and get a lot of info about this...

    I am new to yard haunting, I did my first real haunt last year... It really took me a while to prepare it. I worked almost one month on my "Gothic coffin"... Well, if you want to look at it, just go to my website (

    I am reading your blog for quite a while but just recently decided to start my own. I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for all the links you provide in it. I found a lot of inspiration in them that will certainly be of used for my in the years to come.

    P.S: Sorry for my English, it may not be very good, I am a french Canadian...

  2. Welcom, thanks for posting. I enjoy sharing my side of the Davis Graveyard.

    You have a creepy yard haunt, I really like the closing tombstones, great effect. Of course the large spider is what I am most afraid of. Good job.

    Look forward to following you blog. Happy Haunting!



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