Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How can anything with wine

be a bad thing. But this year was the worst wine auction experience I have ever had. After the yard haunt, it is the next largest event that I work on each year.

For 8 years I have worked with one of my favorite workmates to host a wine auction for a local children's hospital. It has grown over the years to raise over $220,000 in 2008. It has been copied by other states and has even won awards. (Cause we all know how much I like those :)

We should have know that things were going too smoothly.....something was bound to happen. And it did. Something so small that neither of us could have foreseen happening.

Some generous person tried to do something nice. (My friends, I have living proof that the path to hell is paved with good intentions - I have seen it, I can take you to it right now!) We were happy for a few moments when we thought we had made a lot more money!!

Then, as fast as it appeared and took us awestruck, all sparkly and beautiful, it turned ugly, dropped to the ground and then got kicked around a bit just for fun.

Usually during the live auction we can start telling everyone where we are at and how much we need to beat our rival auction in California.....which we usually do :) That night we could not even get a number by the end of the evening :(

The disaster caused only a momentary delay. But, funny how something so small can cause such havoc. It was terrible. We both managed to keep our cool (mostly) in a very uncomfortable situation, but it really ruined the evening for us. Almost to the point where we were saying we never want to do this again.

Like I say every year, I am glad that that event is over and look forward to next year....but we are now both saying that we don't even want to talk about it for at least a month.
I did get some great wine .....I was just buying it to support the kids :)

So, I guess we are back to Halloween planning!!

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