Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not the

best week ever. That is for sure!

The wine auction that I work on is normally a great event that I love being part of - turned out to be a nightmare (on the back end.) On a positive note, we did raise $156,000

Thursday - we downsized at my work and one of my favorite people is no longer my workmate. On a positve note - she no longer has to work with a certian person :)

Sunday - my brother got married. But we are not speaking, so I did not attend. On a positive note - the whole ordeal has given me a great idea for an art project!

Because I am gone for a week - tomorrow will be CRAZY at positve note there :)

Things are looking up....

I am off to Hauntcon on Tuesday, visiting haunted houses and seeing some friends. I could not think of a better way to change perspective. :)


  1. Wow, sounds like you did great at the wine auction, money-wise!

    Sorry to hear that you and your brother aren't speaking. : (

    Hang in there tomorrow and have fun this upcoming week!

  2. Well, that explains Friday's post... glad that you have some sunshine at the end of this tunnel... nothing like something happy to look forward to... to change our perspective!

    Thinkin about ya! :)

  3. nice to see you try to put a positive spin on things, as much as you can.

    enjoy hauntcon!!! i'm so jealous!

  4. Hauntcon didn't time out right for us. Hope you 2 have and wonderful trip!


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