Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Husband is

EVIL (pure evil -just like Orange and Black mentioned)

Look at the April Fool's Day card he sent me. I was all ready to "save YoYo".....and then.....I almost wet myself.....and the Banshee had the nerve to call it cute....they are all out to get me :)


  1. Oh now...those little spiders are just scurrying around on the computer screen. They are probably scared out of their mind.

    Yes they are cute. Hoops and Yoyo also increase their cuteness by 80% so they are hovering around 175% on the cute scale.

    As for your husband... :)

  2. Yeah, he was a lot cuter before he sent me that card :)

    Actually, perfect April Fools Day card for me, I couldn't blame him for sending it....but Hallmark is evil ;)


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