Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Squeaky clean

or at least that is the idea.

The Oak Hill Bed & Breakfast in Ashland is where Husband and I stay when we are in Ashland for theater and wine. Tom and Pat are lovely hosts and besides fantastic breakfasts, Pat makes great soap.

We asked them to make us custom Davis Graveyard soap for our fundraiser this past Halloween. It is a black soap with gray and red swirls :) Lovely, but I recommend you use it in the shower has that nice brownish blood red color to it that I love...but may not be for everyone :)

The back of the label says "The perfect soap for washing up after burying the bodies or digging up the corpses, whichever was on your to-do list today."

Since I just won something on a blog recently, and I have a few left over.......I decided that I will give away two bars of soap a week from now. One to anyone who is on my followers list and another to anyone that posts in the next week......another one of the Frog Queen follies :)


  1. A graveyard soap... That's an original idea and I like it! I hope I will win one ;-)

  2. Oh how cool! I just started following your blog...maybe I'll get one of these soaps? *wink* They would be perfect for those times when the graveyard dirt gets under my nails. : }


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