Friday, April 10, 2009

It must be

Easter time. Cause I am surrounded by pastels!! At the day job we have an Easter Egg Hunt for lots of very cute kids. So for me "Easter" starts early, way before Lent!

About two months before Easter, we have to make postcards, little TV productions and posters to announce the event. Then there are the toys, lots and lots of fuzzy pastel colored toys and fluffy bunnies and chicks. It is too much pink and pale blue for my Halloween heart. I go home screaming most nights :)

At the home front, things are a bit different. I know it must be Easter time at the Graveyard because I am out on the patio changing out the red and black candles on the skulls with light pink and yellow and blue :)

Forever in my mind is etched a conversation over the phone with a friend

She asked me "what are you up to?"

"Oh, just changing out the dark candles on the skulls with pastel candles."

She laughs " Of course you are, and you are the only person I know that can say that can say that in a normal conversation."

Why pastel colored candles on the skulls you ask?

To combat the stress caused by all the pastels , I throw my annual "adult" Easter bash. it is all about the pastel colored martini's and Peeps! I find most people will eat anything when they have been drinking.....including Peeps!

And for my friends that read this blog.......there will be the "blue drink"! I might limit it to one per person, even if you have a designated driver. :)

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