Monday, June 1, 2009

My day job

can be sad/funny or just funny.....depending on which YouTube video you watch :)

Actually, both make me want to cry, and go to cosmetology school :)

Thanks to Creepy Cupcakes for the second video :)


  1. Best 12 minutes I have spent in I don't know how long - thanks so much! That made my day!!!

  2. I am glad that what happens in my life can be entertaining to someone!


    If one more person tells me to make the logo bigger....

    I am going to take my box of tissues and go cry in the corner :)

  3. Oh, Frog Queen - it's so painful. It's so funny. It's ... so ... my life (!).

  4. OH MY! ~ That is all I will say...LOL...I'm SO glad I'm an artist!

    Hope this note finds you well.

    Chris (-:

  5. Wholey Mad Cow Disease, Batman! Is that what marketing is really like? It is oddly similar to my line of work.

    Bye the by, my Word Verification for this comment was 'creep'. I'm startin' to get a vibe here.

  6. Deadman's Log - I feel for you!! Really I do. I recommend red wine. Large quantaties of red wine!!!

    To the rest of you, yes, it is so simliar it is ....ah......gotta go, I need some wine.

  7. Sigh, sigh, sigh!

    That's all I can say! :)


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