Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They say you can

find something in every haunt that is at least worth the price of admission. And the Dominion of Terror at Hauntcon had one cool thing, and one very disturbing thing.

The disturbing thing was a girl tied up to a bed that got pulled apart by a couple guys!!! Come to find out that the leg that looked like they had twisted an broke is actually fake, she is missing a leg. Let me tell you, that is an image that I will not soon forget.

The actors were great. had a fun time.

Ah, a vortex tunnel and a chainsaw guy....just for me :)

The creepy thing that I really liked was in this room. The clown on the far right is real, so in a room full of hanging clowns, just as you walk by, and you know that one of them is real, he jumps down and follows you.....got me! I am not afraid of clowns, but this one scared me :)

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  1. That girl on the bed would have truly haunted me for awhile!

    Damn those vortex tunnels! They'll get ya' every time!


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