Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This was supposed to be

my big news. But husband has already posted this on our Davis House blog.

He does not post anything on there for weeks.....and I take a week or so off and he decides to post something. What is up with that?

Seriously - love husband and appreciate him keeping our blog updated (I now know he reads this blog, so I have to be nice :D )

Anyway. I know most of you don't read that blog, so let me pretend you did not know this.

The COOLEST thing happened a few weeks ago. (At least I think so!)

One of our haunt friends who lives in LA told us last Hauntcon that he was going to be working with Felicia Day on her "The Guild" series. We love that show.....and are HUGE fans of Dr. Horrible! So we were excited and told him that we had created a "Penny" (from her character - who dies in Dr. Horrible) tombstone in the yard for last Halloween. He showed him the pictures in our book and he thought they were great.

So that was in late May, we had completely forgotten about it....then.....a few weeks ago he sends us an email that says that he was talking to Felica the other day and she really wanted to see our tombstone.

NFW!!!! Are you serious!!! She asked to see our tombstone?!?!?
(Happy Dance in my office!)

He asked if we could take a couple of pictures and send them to him so that he could get them to her.

Ah, that would be a yes. Of course....you are now my favorite person in the whole world!! Have I mentioned recently that my haunt friends are amazing! :)

There was one teeny tiny problem we had to deal with and viola! There are pictures of our tombstone on their way to Felicia. We can hardly wait to hear what she says.

If we get really lucky....she might even pass them on to Joss! :)


  1. Joss Whedon needs to see that! I know he'll crack up!

  2. I know ShellHawk - I feel the same way!! (I thought you might like this post since we both have a Dr. Horrible affinity :)

    Cross fingers!!!

    Wouldn't that be so cool! I am looking forward to the blog post that starts.....

    You will never guess who call/emailed me today :)

    A girl can dream.

  3. Funny how the blog can change when we know someone that reads it! By the way, just found out my mom reads my blog! Ahh!

    Great news! Love that headstone! Now I have to run over and check out that show. :)


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