Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I heart my

blog friends! :)

Here is the latest bounty I got for guessing the correct number of items in a drawer from Dracenea at Rabid Reflections...huge surprise to me, cause, as recent experience has shown, I cannot count, that is why I am in Marketing....where there are very smart people that call pull me reports with lots of numbers on them.....and I like that. Wait, that just made me miss my Banshee friend.

Anyway - not only did I get the cool items she offered, I got two frogs!!! A girl can never have too many frogs. The first is the stuffed green frog to the left.

The next one is that small green plastic frog - that is so cool. He lights up and cycles through different colors!! I was playing with him last night for way too long and had to stop for fear of draining the batteries.

And of course here is the first shot I took.....Dorie had to check the "new" stuff out before I could get a picture.

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  1. Glad you liked your surprise additions to the giveaway stuff! Looks like Dorie had some fun. :)

    Great countertops by the way! Silly comment, I know but true.


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