Thursday, June 4, 2009

New friend

of the Davis Graveyard, courtesy of HAuNTcon 2009.

I talked about people that we run into at the show that know who we are…..this is not that story.
We are on the tour bus for our first tour during HAuNTcon. Although we are sadly missing our Alaska friends Sam and Michelle, we are here with our friends The Barron & Mort and their #1 minion Missy. Along with other people that we know from our many HAuNTcon adventures.

It always happens this way that we will be talking about something….and someone will go. “Hey are you the Davis' from Davis Graveyard!!" I saw that you posted one the RMG list, that you would be at Hauntcon."

Wow, we were at the Rocky Mountain Haunters Gathering last June, how did we miss you?!?

“I just joined in October; I did not even know there was a group in Salt Lake.”

Really, wow, cool. Wow, really, how could that of happened? I mean I imagine a haunt on every block in Salt Lake!!!

So you must know…blah, blah, blah……this goes on for days.

Anyway. We are soon introduced to one of our new favorite people. Brian Dove. Cool guy. You would all like him – especially the ladies(and so of the guys :) He is a hottie; check out his my space page! Damn! And he is really, really nice, plays the drums, plays in two bands, loves his son, and they are both into Halloween. Just amazing!

We introduce him to our friends and have a great time sharing stories on the bus rides and checking out the haunts. We learn that he loves Halloween and so does his 12 year old son. He tells us of how is son is soooooo disappointed that he did not get to come with his dad to HAuNTcon. How sweet!

Anyway, Brian is already planning on how he is going to go pro and do a haunt with his son! My dad was not nearly this cool!

We did a turn and introduced him to all the people we knew so that he could expand his haunt family. Everyone loved him! And he had hands down the BEST costume at the ball. Clever always wins with me.

He came as a Haunt “con” orange jump suit, chains and all!! (Pictured here with Leonard Pickel)

We would have really liked to make it to RMG this year, but with our extended commitment to our own gathering FFNW – we have to skip it this year.

He is in good hands. Both John Barrowman and Jon Williams (our buddies), his new friends from EFX TEK are coming to the gathering – they are even going to help us with a secret mission…..sssshhhh. It is a secret! :)

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  1. WOW ~ OMG Creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy make-up on the orange suited guy!!! Yikes!!!

    Enjoy your weekend. :-)

    SpOOky CK


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