Sunday, June 7, 2009

This gonna hurt

a bit. Quite a bit actually

I cannot believe I am doing this, I was looking for images to load on the Garage of Evil site and came across these and really thought about deleting them.

Then I thought, well....... just so you all know that the Davis Graveyard did not just rise up out of the ground fully formed in the style it is today.

I offer pictures of the graveyard, circa 2002. Warning . . . . these will likely burn your eyes out of your head. You have been warned.

This was before I had the house roofed that a bat hanging from the tree?? I do not remember ever owning a bat.....hummmm..... oh, wait just a branch!

Five foot tall mud men, very scary.....Is that pvc pipe painted gray with a skull on top? Nooo, I never did that....nooooo......

Why is there a bowl in front of the Vincent Price tombstone? Although the obelisk looks familiar, I know it is not. That one I made so badly that I used dry wall mud to fill in the bad gaps....I live it the Northwest. Safe to say, it "melted" :)

Obviously this is my yard BEFORE I got my new yard service :) Mud men in the yard?? Why did I do that?????

Ah, I miss this guy a bit. This is directly from Terror Syndicate's design. He is currently at the Bishop Cemetery.

Believe it or not, that is actually my second mausoleum. Yeah, you don't have to tell me how dreadful that is. Is that a form with a wedding dress? Again....people, this is why your haunt has a back story to avoid this kind of tragedy.

OMG! That is just awful!!

I still have her.....she has been painted several times since this picture. Beloved got better with age. Although she is very high maintenance. :)

As you can see, I am MUCH better at designing and painting tombstones today :)

I remember gluing that moss on the pillars....yeah, that was waste. And look at that tiny tombstone for Boris Karloff. He deserves so much better!!!

Full view of the yard - what a nightmare!! And I was so proud of myself :)

Oh my, I can guarantee you these will never be posted on GOE!


  1. I LOVE the mud man! Seriously, I need to get me one of those!

    Thanks for showing us the pics!

  2. These are not that bad, I had a 15 foot tall and wide spider web in my front yard made of white cloths line. Its a process, an evolution of sorts, things develop with time.

  3. I agree with The Captain. I don't think they look that bad. Everything needs a beginning.

  4. *grins* As HS said, we all have our beginnings. And most of those props aren't as bad as you think.

    It's good to keep those pics around. Why do you think I have my awful images from Halloween 2003 on my website? It reminds us we all started somewhere, and we're always getting better.

    I remember how cool I thought the apartment looked in 2003, with my plastic and paper decorations, all mishmashed together with no theme.

  5. I started out with a 400 watt fog machine, a store bought FCG that had a motion sensor, and whatever pumpkins we carved. Last year was the first year I built a prop.

    We must walk before we terrorize!

  6. Cool pics, love the tombstones and cemetery! ☺

  7. Ah, thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I have pictures some where from 1998...shudder.

    Maybe someday I will share them...likely not. This was about all I could take :)

    Captian - Just for you I will do a special post of my spider circa will see why he didn't make the this cut :D


  8. Beats the 300 sq ft of nothing I have behind the condo! Love it Froggie, if thats the graveyard at its worst Im sold!


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