Friday, June 12, 2009

The only completely

3-D haunted house I have ever been in was Shawano Manor during this last Hauntcon. I know I have mentioned before that I am not a big fan of 3-D houses, and this one was just too much for me. Half way through, I wanted out. :0

But I know that many people love this sort of haunt, so here are some pictures (courtesy of my friend Jeri) that will give you an idea of the haunt. This is a 100% charity haunt run by the local Beja Shriners.

Although it is hard to see, this dot room was the one I mentioned earlier - a new twist on the dot room, they used geometric shapes instead of dots, and they are using the new large black light LED lights from our friends at Mini Spotlights. Bert was not only working on getting his haunt (Terror on the Fox) ready for the convention....he was also over helping this haunt set up.

Yeah, he told me he had not slept for a week :)


  1. I gotta' say. This probably would not have made it to my favorite haunt list. Too much neon!

  2. Those are some great pics. Scary or, hard to say because of what Dracenea said!

    BTW: I have an award for you on my blog. Please stop by to pick it up! :)

  3. the 3rd pic almost made me nauseous! i cant handle stuff like that!

  4. colorful! Not sure I've ever seen a HH as colorful as that. I do like the little haunt mobile though!


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