Monday, June 15, 2009

There is an upside

and a downside to not putting my home on the local garden tour. Upside is just that, my garden was not in the tour.

That being the case, I did not spend every free moment I had for the last month trying to my make my garden look perfect so that I can try to convince strangers that my yard "looks like this all the time" :D

I just handled the marketing, some of the coordinating, all the printing and signage, and all the stuff the day of the event. Sounds like a lot, but nothing compared to all that on top of having the garden in the tour!! That is why I took my house out of the tour this year.

The downside is....that because my yard was not in the tour this year......I did not have to work like crazy to get the garden ready....thus my garden is a bit neglected. :(

So now that all the garden tour stuff is done, I am now going to spend a couple hours in my garden a few nights this week and see if I can get things looking respectable.

Oh, and we did raise about $1,345 towards the building of a new park in our neighborhood!!! Love little neighborhood parks!!


Since I did not get my veggie garden in this it too late to plant pumpkins? I was thinking of just planting a few pumpkin plants in my beds. Or do I do what I do every year and call my friend that owns the corn maze in town and barter with him for some pumpkins?


  1. Congrats on the money raised! I posted pics of a little neighborhood park I was in recently for my craft show. Gotta' love the charm of em'!

    I'm not sure when you're supposed to plant pumpkins but I think you should try. :)

  2. In our area, pumpkins should be started from seed outdoors in June. You're right on time!

  3. Really!! I can still start pumpkins!!! Oh happy day. I have a great idea that I am thinking of. Not sure if I should share it ahead of time - or wait to see if it actually works out. :)

    Thanks marmie!!!


  4. Go ahead and plant. I think most have 90 - 100 days until maturity, so there's still plenty of time.


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