Thursday, June 4, 2009

Actually this one

is the best marketing video. Saved until last.

My writer guru and buddy LOVED this video, as I would expect, so I must share....

again, said, but so true :) There is a good reason that this has 10x the hits (on You Tube) than the has my favorite "bigger logo" reference.....Noooooooo!

The size of the logo, does not sell products/ you all hear me? I warn you not to disagree with the Frog Queen on this one. :D


  1. That is really funny. I knew THAT particular scene would be used in some funny stuff...and there ya go. Love it!

  2. i had forgotten about that scene...too funny!

  3. Ha...that was great! Being a stock photographer who majored in Advertising/PR....this just cracked me up! :o)


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