Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because I am a ......

...a b*tch, or more clearly, because I am feeling b*tchy :D

Let me start by stating this as my stand on the whole Faux Panels mess.

We heard through someone else (we have never been contacted by them directly) that they messed up and they apologize.

Okay - I guess I could see how that can happen.  I am sure that the marketing department (or what ever department created the pieces on their site) did not know exactly what had been donated to the Nightmare Factory build.

I mean if you check them out they have donated to many Extreme Home Makeover projects.  Be it charity or marketing.....still a kind thing for them to do no matter the motivation.  I completely respect that.

And I a fine with how things are going.  They removed the pictures from their website.  Thanks.

But the video - which does not feature any of their still up.  Granted could be another department, maybe no one knows how to remove it....I don't work there, I don't know.  I am sure they will sort it out in due course. one is perfect, I am sure they plan to take it down as soon as possible.

This is going to be the last time I address this on this blog* - unless it is something positive.  Like they sent us flowers or something :D

But, before I bury the hatchet.  Husband and I (I am such a bad influence on him) made our version of the video they used to show their product in the Nightmare Factory.  We got the same promo disk they did :)

Faux Panels version

Our version

This is meant to be funny....and I know that sense of humor is subjective, I am not sure how long I will keep it on our site - so check it out now....I might delete it by the end of the day :D


  1. LOL Not sure if I've been following closely enough to know the intention of this video but that is some wicked stuff! I'd love to go see some of these things in person!

  2. Your version of the video is more informative and gives credit where it's due!

    Fun to watch.

  3. I like your version better, gives credit to many great companies who donated time and supplies!

    Looks like the Haunt Community uproar also got them to take down all the text bubbles (except the photo-op room which are their walls)in their video too!

  4. Glad to hear they edited the video! I knew that they would make it right.


  5. Glad to hear things have been corrected. It's nice to see a company actually do something about their mistakes. Happens so rarely these days. The haunt looks killer by the way!

    Now, how about that new facade you mentioned you guys were building?

  6. Fantastic work, as I've come to expect from Davis Graveyard and its Minions!


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