Thursday, March 17, 2011

There is always a downside

to almost everything....I guess that is perspective really. Blogger is free, so I should not be complaining.

Okay - I had to un-follow bunch of people because Blogger will only let you follow 300 people. Now you can get around this by just pressing the follow button on the blog you want to follow and it will allow you to go over.

But when I want to follow someone that is not on Blogger. let's say, the equally lovely WordPress, I have to add them manually to the system....which Blogger will let you do, provided you are not over 300 people.

I have been very slack about visiting some of my "other" blogger friends because I had them in a file with all the links....that unfortunately I did not check as often as I should.

Man, I don't think I will undo that catholic guilt thing ever.....

So what happened was I had to un-follow a bunch of people so I could add some non-Blogger people to my blog roll. Sucks. So I wrote you all down and I am going go back to following you as soon as I can visit all your blogs and hit the follow button again.

Okay, Blogger.....raise the limit please, I don't want to have to do that again!

Thanks for understanding everyone!!


  1. :)

    I think you deserve kudos for letting people know you had to do this. Some wouldn't. MOST wouldn't. Don't feel guilty, at all!

  2. Holy goodnight! 300 blogs? Amazing!

    I feel like such a slacker.

  3. i am trying to drop, those blogs that have fallen off the face of the earth. their slimy residue still remains. i tried the remove feature, but like magic they come back...

    and wholey wow 300, good night irene.

  4. did not just use a Battlestar reference on my blog!?!?!?

    Nooooooo! Still not watching the show....good try.




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