Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On a lighter note

We sent the final-final version of the Haunters DVD collection out to be proofed by a few people that have not been watching them over and over for the past three weeks.  Once we get back the last of the changes we will get a master set to the duplicator, hopefully on Friday.

I will keep you posted of the shipping date....but we are almost there.  You are going to love the set and I and Husband are going to love having our life back :D  It was great fun, thanks everyone that submitted - this could not have happened without you.

On the awards side.  Husband has found us five past winners that have graciously agreed to judge the videos for the 2010 Home Haunter Video Awards.   We normally order the awards from Mike at Ghost Ride who gives us a great price (thanks Mike) and I am sure when he gets back from Transworld he will get out order started :)

We hope to be able to announce the winners at HAuNTcon!

Good luck everyone....I don't envy the judges....there are just too many good videos out there to choose from!!!


  1. Gotta get my order in but im so looking forward to watching the set!

  2. WooHoo ... can't wait to see everyone's haunts! Thanks again for doing this for us. :)

  3. Cool! Im looking forward to watch the set.


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