Monday, March 14, 2011

This is why I don't go to Transworld anymore.....I see all these cool pictures and just weep for the fact that I cannot possess all the shinny things.....or even make all the shinny things I see.  My current Davis Graveyard to-do list already goes out for years......if I keep seeing these pictures, I am going to have to live to 150 in order to make all this stuff!!!!

The woman in the picture frame prop is my favorite so far.  I must make one of these for our party....or to just leave up in my office all year :)  It is about 17 seconds into this video:

Thanks everyone for sharing.  For those that want a good run down, one of my favorite links this year is from Jeff over at Mr. Skeleton (nice guy!) - he went around and interviewed many of the vendors and got lots of footage.  Thanks Jeff, see you at HAuNTcon!


  1. Oh wow. This struck me because of what you said. How you have a project list that lasts for years. I could relate to that because I have a writing list that unless I took some magic pill that let my fingers and brain never get sore or tired, I'll never complete it all. I believe the word is "resonated" with me. Still, you make so many awesome gives me shivers to think what else you've got brewing on your list! (Shivers in a good, tingley way. ;)

  2. Wow Wow Wow!!!! Me too want!! Very bad:S If you ever thinker out how to make any of it in a clever way, please let me know;) Love the photos!! Love all of it really, so well made..

  3. Y'know...if I were to ever win a lottery, I'd just wind up blowing all the money on stuff like this! I mean, who doesn't want a false wall with an interactive chainsaw video and prop?

    That picture that comes to life with the demon girl is just damned cool!


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