Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I think husband described it best

when he said "I want to go crawl under a rock now, after I throw up."


On Monday the company we have duping the DVD collection called and said that the disks would not play on their DVD players.


We tested them....we had several people test them....worked for them.  What happened?!

We both paniced - we were instant messaging back and forth for about 30 minutes when I said.  "Tell them to stop, we need to research this, I do not want to send these out, find out they do not work and then have to print them again and send them out...again."

That is when he said the bit about hiding under a rock. :)

We stopped the presses and had the discs checked again....they work fine.  It seems it that one DVD player it will not play on - weird.

Better safe than sorry.

Bad news is the discs that were shipping on Monday will now ship on Thursday - sorry everyone!  We will get them to you as soon as we can!!


  1. That bit of bad news is not so bad when you think about the horror of the alternative. Glad things weren't so bad and you don't have to crawl under a rock ;-)

  2. At least that gives me more time to go run out and get some popcorn so I am all ready to kick back and watch it when it comes!

  3. As we say in french "Plus de peur que de mal." In the end, I'm glad this episode ended well.

  4. Turns out the dupe company has a 6 year old DVD player for testing? What's with that?


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