Monday, March 21, 2011

I have this theory

about our shop.

For anyone that has need our workshop it is two stories and lots of places to store things.  Or hide things, depending on how you look at it.

I don't think it is haunted.......

and I really don't go for the whole possession thing.....

but something, my blog friends, is up.

Or the FQ is crazy.....that has not completely been ruled out. (And is actually more likely, but not nearly as entertaining story as this will be....where was I?)

Here is why I say this......

I swear if husband and are in the house....which is no where near the shop - the shop is a good 75 feet away from the house, and we happen to say "I am going to go out to the shop and get insert prop or part name here" or if I say "I think insert prop or part name here is out in the shop."

It hears us.

Locates the prop.

And hides it.

I know, you think I am crazy......but wait, let me explain my theory.

I think the shop is lonely.  Lonely?  Yes, stay with me here.

Because we are not out there working every *(&*# waking hour like we will be in a few months.....I think it gets lonely and restless.

If it is restless for too long, I think it starts to get "playful" that really annoying "if you are not going to pay me attention I am going to draw on the walls" way.

You know when the cat still wants to chase the red laser dot and you are so done.....but stupid cat continues to stare at the wall where it was and you feel bad after a couple of minutes and start playing with them again.....

...something like that.

So what does it do to "play" hides things.

Not just any "things" - specific things......

From the dinning room* it hears us talking about something......"I am going to go get the small caged skeleton out of the shop."  Normally we hang that prop in a specific place, have for years.  It should be there right now.Go out to get it after saying that and "poof" - gone.

No where to be found.

You can go searching for it....but that would just be silly.

Silly person, shop has hid it in another dimension and will not release until after you have spent an hour look for it, given up, gone back in the house, and forgotten about it.

But ah, here is where it gets time you go out in the shop it is there!!! Right there in plain sight.

How the heck????

We are currently looking for a that we really need.

Spent some serious time looking for it.

I bet if I go out there is sitting on the table saw or something, or I will trip on it on the way in the door....cause the other thing the shop does when you are not paying it attention is hurt someone......the crew will back me up on that one.....

* Just want to clarify that I am not saying the shop has super hearing....the house could be in on the whole thing.  I have never trusted the house. (shhhhh, don't tell him I said that.)


  1. I'm a believer, our garage does the same thing with tools.

  2. LOL! How funny! But of course you have to have a haunted workshop. I can't imagine it any other way!!!!

  3. hehe Well, I guess you better spend more time in the workshop to stay on its good side. ;)

  4. I'm sorry!!! It seems my Tolls like your posting, and decided to visit you. :( Just announce that you found a great recipie for bar-b-qued Troll, and they should scuttle home where they belong... oh and before they go ask them for my sunglass's.... please!


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