Friday, March 25, 2011

Two very important things

I have be enormously busy and somethings just get ignored.  This blog is usually the first thing to suffer when I run out of time....but two things are timely - so I am popping in for a quick message.

First and most importantly. This was intended to be a grander and more engaging plea....but this will have to do.

Please, please, pleas, vote for the FRANKESTEINIA blog for the Rondo Awards. (The deadline is this Sunday, March 27)

This is purely selfish on my Frankenstein and love the blog and would really love to see it win an award.  Definitely deserves it.

Just want to say it now, in case I forget later.  You blogger people are awesome, I am always surprised and heart-warmed at the support we give each other.  Really cool.  Thank you.

Oh, and this is the last day to enter my bizarre-UK-adventure-drawing.  You get the almost surely-by-now poison Cadbury Halloween candy and some interesting and sure to be entertaining Halloween treats from Tescos.  Just to let you bloggers know that I think of you even when I am on vacation.....

Just leave a comment on this post and I will draw a winner tonight. (March 25)

Back to hacking at my to do list.....where did I leave my machete?


  1. Frankensteinia has my vote, and will until it wins.

    Hmm. Poison Halloween candy, glow in the dark handcuffs, and creepy finger extensions...and thus a serial killer was born.

  2. I voted for FRANKESTEINIA some time ago. And I think your machete is under my bed, next to my hammer and KA-Bar. Oh wait, not, this is mine.

    @John, LOL. I was thinking that if I win this, I might save it for Beltane ;-D

  3. I need the loan of your machete for a while yet. I still haven't got all the bodies chopped down to size.


  4. I leave a comment...but my stomach hates me for it.

  5. FRANKENSTEINIA has been endorsed by eleven other blogs, but none as charming as that of Her Majesty, The Frog Queen.

    The deadline to vote in the Rondo Awards is TONIGHT at the bewiching hour of midnight!!



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