Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remember this post?

The one that I wrote about how I hate creating logos and why I don't do it.  Obviously I don't listen to myself.

I was reminded on how true that was working on the final version of the logo for West Coast Haunters Convention.  (Thanks to Jody for all the help - could not have done this without you!)

But it is done, for better or for worse.....I hate it of course, and I am sure all the good designers would agree with me.....I could do better.

But not today - too busy.  Just going to have to live with it.

On the website....t-shirts.....printed materials.....oh, this is going to make my head hurt. What have I done!?!

Must think of cute kitties and puppies to keep the screaming in my head down.


  1. I personally like it - the compass pointing West, the colors snap, its eye catching. What more can you ask of a logo? I would definitely remember it. Quit grumpin' on yourself - you are THE MAN, in a womanly kinda way - and you know it!!! ;)

  2. I think the logo is great! And the drinkin' kitteh is too! LOL

  3. You do? I think its awesome. I love the half-skull and the directional arrow topped by a W as if saying "Head to the West or West Coast" is brilliant. I love the colors too.

    You are been too hard on yourself, so stop it!

  4. Yeah, I'll echo the sentiments here that it is a DAMNED GOOD logo!

  5. You guys do know that sometimes she posts these so you'll say all that nice stuff so she'll feel better. Don't be manipulated by her evil ways!


  6. LOL! Husband knows me way too well!!



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