Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning about frogs

So, there are a couple scary frog movies...well, I say scary loosely :D

So after some research I find out that indeed truth is stranger than fiction.  My I present the Hairy Frog.

Now if his looks are not creepy enough, the tadpoles have several rows of horned teeth when they are gets better........what he can do is ((shudder)) just creepy.

From Wikipedia:

The hairy frog is also notable in possessing retractable "claws" (though unlike true claws, they are made of bone, not keratin), which it may project through the skin, apparently by intentionally breaking the bones of the toe. In addition, the researchers found a small bony nodule nestled in the tissue just beyond the frog's fingertip. When sheathed, each claw is anchored to the nodule with tough strands of collagen, but, as Gerald Durrell discovered firsthand, when the frog is grabbed or attacked, the frog breaks the nodule connection and forces its sharpened bones through the skin.

I gotta lie down now :)

I used to like frogs......I might be looking for a different blog name.


  1. That is almost as disturbing as the one that gives birth through the holes in it's back! Eeewww!!!

  2. Wow, that is one frog that only it's mother could love.

  3. O.M.G. omg omg omg. If you need me, I will be under the covers. Shivering uncontrollably.

  4. The bastard child of Wolverine and the Toad!

  5. Geez, this sounds like some critter that was made up for a SyFy movie! Catoad!


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