Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love helping out my fellow bloggers

And one of my favorite bloggers, someone who has followed my weirdness and been a great blog buddy since the beginning has been my friend Max over at The Drunken Severed Head blog.

He is funny and clever and always has something interesting to say...all the things that I want to be. :)

Anyway, he asked me if I would do him a favor.  It involves a  blog called FRANKENSTEINIA.

It is a great blog - I would say the best blog on the subject, not that I profess to follow them all, but I follow many, and this is my favorite.

If you love Frankenstein, you need to follow this blog, it is like a little bit of heaven....ah, just makes me warm and fuzzy thinking about it :)

I particularly love his post on the Frankenstein skeleton.  That graveyard is the bar on which I hold the Davis Graveyard to.  In my mind I want my yard to look like if I could just get husband to let me dye the grass and the trees gray! :D

A favor for a friend that involves a blog about Frankenstein is really not a favor.  Anyone that knows me knows that Frankenstein - the original film - is my favorite movie and a huge influence on my yard display.

So I ask you my lovely and talented blogger friends to vote for his blog in the Rondo Awards.  (and start following his blog!!)

For those of you that do not know the Rondo Awards, check this site. (Really have you been living under a rock or something? :D)

They are great awards the recognize the best of the horror community.  Very coveted and very cool!

So if you have not already voted, please click here and vote for FRANKENSTEINIA as the best blog.

Thanks again everyone!  Now back to prop building!

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