Saturday, March 19, 2011

If it is not dead

It better be plastic!

So I go into the kitchen to get a is Friday!!! I am pretty sure there is a bottle of wine around with my name on it.....first I need a drink of I go to the sink to get my glass.

Not to drink the water from the tap.....that is scary, in the not good way!!! I have tasted the water in my will kill you......or try too....

I was distracted for a moment, but here I am,

....back on where is my wine opener?

Sorry, it has been a rough week in marketing...

...anyway....I see this!!


Deep breath, seen this before.... cannot remember what evil (just in case any of you think I am singling you out...I think all of my followers are that good way I mean) blogger sent it to me...could be Shellhawk could be Dave at Shadowfarm.....they are both way too fond of sending me spiders. They are evil!!!  We all know I like evil...but.......

I hate them :D really....both of you.....stop sending me spiders!!!

------- A quick message from the Davis Graveyard cats-----
Do not listen to the frog queen.....we love plastic spiders.....send lots....bags of them....PLEASE!!!

........get away from my keyboard you furry minions!!

No more plastic spiders my blogger friends!!!   I tell more spiders!!!

Cause they are Dor's favorite.

Normally I love my little gray kitty.  She is cute...

...when she is sleeping....

....when she is awake she finds plastic spider to bat around ....she loves the blogger "friends" that keep sending them to me......

...did I mention I hate you all :D

Anyway, I know it is her doing....two reasons:

One, it is a plastic spider - as I have mentioned.....her favorite toy.  She leaves the real spiders to her big brother...who does not kill them....he just corrals them in a corner for me to collect and take outside......little demon cat.  Actually at 18lbs.....big demon cat!!!

Second...she is the only cat in the house that is not afraid of the sink.  Seriously, she would probably jump in the tub with me....she is a freak...what kind of weird cat likes water?!??!?  She is crazy.....

....just like me.  I knew I liked her for a reason.....


......let us see if that reason, and the fact that she is really cute when she is sleeping, can keep her me killing her for scaring the h*ll out of me .....again....

She better be looking really sweet when I find her.......yes, REALLY sweet......

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  1. Hhahhaha lol :D You gave me a good laugh with my coffee here this morning! I'd love to have a cat like that, I love freaks.. Spiders isn't all that bad either;) Except from the big, hairy, live once!

  2. Ha! I think I just peed myself!

  3. It's your cats who keep ordering me to send plastic spiders.

    They told me they can kill me with their brains, so what else could I do? ;o)

  4. Pssst...kitty...yeah you!

    Take this spider over to Chris...

    Good Kitty!

  5. Lj to Furry minions! Can you read me! I received your transmission, will be sending 16 bags of plastic spiders to you immediately. I trust this will please your cat King.

    This message will self destruct.

  6. Your cats sound exactly like mine. Well, size wise and attitude anyway. We have our big male Cheeto who was 16lbs last he went to the vet, and our little psycho ninja female who was roughly 6lbs last checked. She is absolutely adorable, when sleeping...She is a psycho ninja as said before when awake LOL and Cheeto...he's just a big suck thinking he needs to be pet 24 hours a day lol

    I would've had a heart attack if I'd seen that too! Spiders and me just do NOT mix! Thankfully, no plastic ones here :D

  7. You really need to see someone about this plastic spider fixation. LOL!


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