Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portland may be weird

but not weird enough....looks like I have to go to St. Paul Minnesota to see a Terry Pratchett play.  FQ is not happy :(

Seems The Mounds theater is doing a production of Mort!  I love the death books....almost as much as the witch books....almost :)

A play based on the novel by award winning writer Terry Prachett
Adaptation by Stephen Briggs
Director: Caitlin Hammel

Performed by the Mounds Theatre Community Players!
Death comes to Mort with an offer he can't refuse -- especially since being, well, dead isn't compulsory. As Death's apprentice, he'll have free board and lodging, use of the company horse, and he won't need time off for family funerals. The position is everything Mort thought he'd ever wanted, until he discovers that this perfect job can be a killer on his love life.

How cool is that!!!

Here is an image of the skull mask they made for death....perfect!


  1. Reaper Man is my favorite Pratchett Death book. May have to read Mort again. There's a new Sam Vimes novel coming!

  2. Wizardess - I am so excited about the new Sam Vimes novel!! Yippee!!!

  3. This looks really cool and I like the mask! The cool blue glowing eyes are a nice touch!

  4. I want to go- I love the Terry Pratchett books especailly the death ones- try Netflix they have Discworld movies if you haven't discovered them yet.
    Johnina :^A

  5. Minnesota is lovely this time of year. You won't regret it.

  6. YEE - I own the UK versions of both movies. :))) It is good to own a PAL player, cause I do not have the patience to wait for the US release - Going Postal comes out in September??? I have had that for months already! :D

    Patience is not my thing....just saying!



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