Monday, January 5, 2009


Once again the fantastic Propmaster (a very nice and very under appreciated fellow) is getting ready to ask for Halloween videos from all us home haunters.

And the question came up, as it did last year, will there be awards?

At the last minute Jeff and I kept the Haunt X awards going (otherwise there would be no awards for 2007...well, that is not entirely true...there was a rumor of another award, but that is a another story - that will NOT be on this blog) because we hated to see there be nothing. And we were happy to do it. Will (Owner of the Haunt X convention)was great about supporting our efforts and Micheal at Ghost Ride gave us a good deal on the awards, we had the plaques printed and mailed them out.

Oh, yeah, and then there was the voting website...that was fun :)

With Haunt X gone (for now?) it does not make sense to keep the name. So we are going to call them what Paul calls the videos - or something like that.

We are again working with Ghost Ride for the awards, who is even making a custom runner up award. But voting is going to be different.

Letting the haunters vote for their favorte was not what we hoped. Almost everyone (and I mean almost everyone) voted for themselves. Which means the winner were usually the haunts that got two votes. Seriously, I mean I love my yard too, but if someone is (and many of them are) better than me...they get my vote.

So a new plan is in the works.....How do you pick the best yard haunts?


  1. Categories are the key, darling! Best animated, maybe. Maybe best 3-axis, best graveyard, best walk-thru. I think most of us don't have the time or resources to do all of the above, so it'll be easier to get an honest vote for folks.
    Or perhaps you need to start an "Academy" for haunters, and have the few vote for the many.

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  4. Category idea is not bad; we have been sticking with the main four - mostly for cost reasons. Without s sponsor, we are footing the bill and the idea of adding more awards....ouch!

    And there were a LOT of people that were unhappy when the Haunt X logo went all over the DVDs when they agreed to pay for the awards- so finding a sponsor, who wants a low profile to accommodate the haunters, is a bit of a task.

    With that said, we are going to put the Ghost Ride logo on the boxes and the disks, since they are selling us the awards at cost.

    The Academy is the easiest idea, although I believe that is how some previous winners were chosen and there seems to be a bit of animosity among the lists about that. But right now, that seems like the logical choice.

    I am looking for ideas people, keep then coming.

    And don't forget to get your videos into PropMaster. And if you have a few extra $$ to send his way, please donate, year after year, he does a lot of work on those videos.

  5. I have been thinking Shellhawk. I like the category idea a lot (if husband reads this, he is gonna freak!) You had some good suggestions, have you given this some thought? Do you have a list that makes sense to you.

    Maybe we can do a simpler award for some of the winners?


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