Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cleaning the basement (again)

This chore has been on my to do list for as long as I have owned the house.

I have to say I have completed it enough to cross it off the list for let's say....3 months. Then it is back on there.

I am only doing it now, because I have to find stuff for Fright Fest Northwest. I promised myself that this time I am going to make them separate boxes so that I don't mix their stuff with my Halloween stuff. Ha, ha, ha....I crack myself up sometimes.

Not only has Halloween taken up 80 percent of the two story shop outside, but it has migrated to the basement along with everything else......if husband would let me keep the Halloween decorations up all year, we would not have a problem.


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  1. HA! No, we are NOT leaving it all up year round. Besides we would have to make some changes to handle yearly weather (summer heat, winter freeze).

    Changes, by the way, that I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE!

    Love ya!


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