Thursday, January 8, 2009

Death by slow meeting

An hour and a half of my life that I will never get back.

When something needs to be communicated, we like it to go through marketing. Just to make sure it has the right amount of sugar added and we packaged and polished nicely. It may be bad news, but it looks/sounds good :)

Anyway, there are some regulatory changes currently happening so, we need to send a letter to the people this affects, blah, blah, blah..... I can do that. Just need to know what we are going to say. That is what I went to the meeting for......I found that out in about the first 5 minutes.

Did I get to leave? Noooo, the meeting was an hour and a half longer and I was on some seriously sleepy cold medicine.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

Rollovers of Airline Bankruptcy Settlements to Roth IRAs
PPA Technical Corrections
Vesting Reports

I could continue, but I can't, I think I am losing the will to live:)

I wish I could tell you what all that meant, but I don't have no clue.

I do know this, it is all because George Bush signed something on December 23, cause they kept saying that over and over and over and over. Were they looking for someone to blame/praise? Or is that just how investment folk speak. When they asked for questions (good thing the filter was on and working) all I could think to ask is? Is there going to be a test after this, cause I the only question I can answer correctly is who signed the bill.

And when the meeting was over someone asked, "Well, having this meeting, I am not sure we need to send a letter."

(Filter runs in and shuts my mouth, immediately) Oh, wait buddy, you just made the Frog Queen sit through this boring meeting because you wanted a are going to get a letter and you are going to like it.

It gets better....... someone says that there is a letter template for this compliance issue out there that they can email me.

{stunned look and in my head I am chanting "must not kill coworker, must not kill coworker"}

It can't take the pressure, the filter overloads, and shuts down, mouth jumps at the chance and says "You mean there was already a letter? You have got to be kidding?" (filter kicks back on before I say "Seriously, you may love meetings but, I have many, many things I should be doing instead of this.")

He looked a bit shocked. Someone else (who knows me well) says "Don't worry, she is just kidding with you, she has a great sense of humor." (And the ablity to make your headstone! -oh filter was on for that, whew!)

Thanks for the compliment, but I an not 100% sure I was kidding.....I mean if you ask me, that is what I will say, but.....I am going back to the cave now.

Safely back in my shallow and less acronymed marketing department, I happened upon this lolcat (I know huge surprise.) Yes, this is about my speed.

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