Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get out of my house

My sister and I are huge Kate Bush fans. We have always joked that one of the scariest songs we have heard is "Get Out of My House" (followed closely by "Leave it Open" and "Waking the Witch"). Listening to "The Dreaming" by candlelight, gives my house that warm possessed feeling I enjoy so much.

Unfortunately it also freaks out the cats. When she starts screaming they trip over each other to get out of the room, wait, husband does that too :)

So, here is my spooky/crazy/weird Kate playlist (most of these links are Youtube collages, because I can't find the songs for free to link to) Kate is not for the faint of heart. If top 40 radio is your thing....do not click the links, you cannot handle it, your brain will explode :)

Get Out of My House (not sure about the donkey bit...but still love this song) The song to clips of The Shinning movie as shown in the link is actually a bit creepy. :)

Leave it Open (Kate at her bizarre best)

Waking the Witch (LOVE this song - the arrangement is genius)

Under Ice (gives me chills)

Watching you without me (the muffled "ghost" voice effect is chilling)

Mother stands for comfort (right out the Psycho movie)

The Wedding List (Worst wedding day ever, so I guess setting the song to Kill Bill is quite appropriate)

Experiment 4 (The effects in this video are laughable now...but at the time it was creepy)

The Red Shoes (death by dancing, based on the fairy tale - Miranda Richardson is in the video) This is very dark and bizarre mini movie - if you get a chance find it an watch it. The visuals are stunning.

Top of the City (First time I heard this song, I thought it would have been lovely in the first The Crow movie)

Kate is definitely an acquired taste. I don't play this list when I am working on props unless I have my iPod on....the rest of the crew would likely kill me.

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