Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I cannot escape the word


So, I go to this fun work event where we all do the normal sit around and pretend we all like each other long enough to make a good impression to our bosses and then get the heck out.

Yeah, well at this one, we get awards. Not me....I mean, seriously, I used to, but then people started expecting me to do things....I could not take the pressure. I went into hiding and under the radar - worked for years. In fact I thought I was safe to go to these events, cause I was not going to get called up to the front to smile for the camera for with my certificate.

Oh, I was wrong.

am at the party and suddenly hear my name...what? No way, what did I win? Seems I got an award for doing stuff......and the first thing on there was that I helped my company get so many marketing awards. No way, not those again

Getting an award for getting awards seems a bit redundant. I noticed the award was for the 4th quarter - really? Does not the 4th quarter include October, the one month out of the year that I actually only work 40 hours a week? Plus don't the awards come out in July and September? Didn't I miss three days of work in December because of snow? Didn't I mess up a major ad in December?

I am confused.

And then I realize that this award thing is kind of arbitrary. It was a nice gesture and I appreciate it.

Discussing this in the group, a workmate said that I got it for just being alive after the 4th quarter. I answered to her "or that you all are still alive....." To which my boss gave me that "that was not funny" look. I am still trying to find out who "turned me in" so I can return the favor :)

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  1. It was those %&*%^#@ pandas again!

    (sigh) No one believes me...


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