Monday, January 26, 2009

I knew I worked for the dark side

This is a fantastic idea for an ad, definitely shows advertising in its best light :) How evil!

An advertising campaign featuring a piggy bank with vampire fangs is urging Finns to continue spending despite fears of a recession and daily news of lay-offs and job cuts, on January 22, 2009 in Helsinki. On posters plastered around the Finnish capital, a pink piggy bank has a stern gaze and drops of blood dripping from its vampire fangs, with slogans such as "Don't feed depression by saving" or "Saving is not always a good thing."

Thanks to the Banshee for sharing the picture!

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  1. Oh hey, the best article was in the newspaper today! It gave you proper instructions as to how to stash cash around your house. I'm amazed it didn't recommending stuffing cash under your mattress.


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