Thursday, January 8, 2009

Husband HATES, HATES, HATES (Part 1)

when I start conversations with complete strangers (losers) as he probably, rightly deems are useless........

But he says he can sculpt foam?

You saw my dreadful angel wings - didn't you? I mean who could miss them. They are all over our video submission as much as I say about every single shot that includes the angel (and the spider, just to be fair) needs to be REMOVED!! Show one wing.....not both wings!!! They do not match!!!! I am gonig to hide in the closet now.

Anyway, see, he has said it several times in the conversation, he can sculpt foam!.... and everyone is as good as their word, right?

oh yeah, and those other things about being a starving artists and almost being homeless and stuff.......

Someday I am going to run into someone who (Halloween wise) need me less than I need them :) And then husband will be happy.

I hate it when he is right :) If you need me, I am back in the closet.....

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