Friday, March 27, 2009

Attach of the robot spiders

One of our many helpful minions sent me this link for a robot CNC machine. Husband is a big techie person so I knew he would find this cool as hell :) But there is a surprising twist at the end that gave me shivers.

Because, as we know, I hate spiders, I found what it does when it is done completely creepy. Seriously, if I owned one, besides it NEVER being allowed in the house, it would have to go into a box every night. A box with a big padlock, put into a cupboard with another padlock....and I would probably prop a chair up against the door, you know, just in case....... and sleep with one eye open.

I go on to learn that they made the spider for the Harry Potter movie. I thought it looked familiar :)

I thought about getting one and making a creepy spider for the display. I would have it crawl down the driveway....but husband reminded me to go into EAD (Evil Artistic Director) mode and explain why there would be a spider coming out of the church and walking down the driveway.

What? You mean besides being creepy?

I hate when my logic turns on me :(

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