Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Candy Monster

It really exists!

For those of you who watched the Haunters Videos and wondered what the *&%! was up with that weird Dr. Warenskistein Star Wars intro type story submission.

Well, here is the intro we gave our crew when it came up during this weekends official "Video Party".

When we were in Salt Lake this past summer visiting the Rocky Mountain Haunters convention we met Dr. Warenskistein and got to see the actual, mostly-done, "Candy Monster."

It is a great idea and one he said he has had since childhood. :) What you did not see is that he is about 6 feet tall, made of about a million Popsicle sticks, packing tape, bailing wire, bubble gum and an erector set or two :)

Okay, maybe only a half a million Popsicle sticks. :)

(Actually, I just remember seeing a lot of work - I made up the parts list :)

Truth of the matter is that it is very sad that there is no footage because the amount of work he put this prop is nothing short of staggeringly impressive. A bit crazy (but then aren't we all) but quite a marvel to behold.

Seeing the heart and soul he put into that project, you could not help but be proud of it.

So when I read the story, I could envision the costume getting caught in the gears, the head falling off....him patching it back together. Him losing control and it tipping over :(

I am so happy he decided to at least submit the funny story.

It made me laugh. Laughing is good. :)


  1. I was looking for a TV story that was done on the Rocky Mountain Haunters just before Halloween of 2008 so I did a search on Rocky Mountain Haunters. Imagine my surprise when I noticed an entry in the results that had “Rocky Mountain Haunters” on the first line and “Dr. Warenskistein” on the second line. Thank you so much for your kind comments, you really made my day! I am also pleased that you understood why I submitted the video I did. (PropMaster added the music for me). Lets hope that other haunters who’s Halloween didn’t go as planned were cheered up by my video.

    By the way, you were close on the materials list (it made me laugh). Instead of packing tape I actually used heat shrink tubing, the bubble gum was hot glue and the erector sets were Radio Shack Vex Robotics kits I bought when Radio Shack discontinued them. You were right on about the bailing wire, man, I love that stuff.

    Thanks again.
    Dr. Warenskistein

  2. LOL! I am so glad you liked the post. I LOVED your submission!!

    I have to say that your entry made the whole crew laugh. We agree that it was one of our favorite videos!!


  3. I too was amazed to see the work the Mad Dr. had done. Who is they right mind would ever even attempt to build something this size using bubblegum and Popsicle sticks???

    I could not believe it actually moved and did most of what it was designed to do?

    The man is really a mad crap!!



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