Monday, March 9, 2009

Some improvement

I reworked the Haunters Video Awards site this weekend. Fixed a few problems, but still not completely happy. My motivation was that we got the awards from Ghost Ride on Friday, so we took a picture to put on the site so that people could see the new awards. We also updated the site with the volunteer judge information.

The version of the awards are a golden skulls, similar to the Golden Bucky Awards (the original version of these haunt video awards.) Quite nice, a lot shorter than the Haunt X awards.

The only thing that I am thinking of changing is the base. They are very small and the plaques will only be 1/2 high. Barely room to fit the title. I am going to contact Ghost Ride to see if they have bases we can change out, if not I will cost getting larger ones made.

Happy Haunting.

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