Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is one of the reasons

I never had children. Nothing wrong with them, just not for me. They are great and all, don't get me wrong, love all my friends kids, enjoy buying them presents.....just never wanted any of my own. Husband and I cannot even make the commitment to have a dog. :)

So, last night I am at Red Robin - I know, chain restaurant, but do you know how hard it is to train a restaurant to make a vegetarian cobb salad (without any chicken or bacon), with extra other toppings? They usually look at you like you are an alien and you get a salad with a big hole where the chicken and the bacon should have been......and you are still charged $12. We have worked hard to get this particular restaurant trained! Plus they have large tables where we can bring "the book" (Davis Graveyard Planning Guide) and talk about what we need to do next, in a quiet environment.

Anyway, I had a point.....

Yes, we noticed recently that the bar at our particular restaurant has started seating families with the bar. Where the children get bored and proceed to wander the bar, knocking pictures off the walls and climbing on other tables.

All I have to say, is if I had done that in any restaurant as a child, I would not be here now blogging - I would be in an actual cemetery :)

Last night we have the staff in the bar singing happy birthday to an 11 year old.....and then about 15 minutes later, again at another table they sing happy birthday to a 3 three old - a 3year old in the bar. Okay, I really don't want to judge, but seriously - this is a huge restaurant with large tables for families everywhere (the bar has about 10 tables) and you choose to have your kids birthday dinner in the bar. Where the view is a large collection of bottles of liquor.

What? Are you kidding me? I am sorry, but that just seems wrong to me. Can't say why exactly, I just know that I could not do it.

It reminds me of this routine by our favorite comedian, Billy Connolly, where he talks about how someone asked him to put out his cigar in the bar. WARNING - ADULT LANGUAGE.

We are going to have to find a new place for salads.


  1. Honestly, I should never listen or watch Billy at work. It causes to much commotion.

  2. I agree! And with the wrong people listening, likely get you fired :)

  3. I don't see what the big deal is love. You do what you would for any birthday boy- buy him a shot of something!


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