Friday, March 13, 2009

It's alive! It's alive

So, I am digging through one of the boxes of decor items for the yard to look for something I stupidly said I would lend to my work for a party....I will never learn. When I open up one of the tubs, there is this rectangle fuzzy thing stuck to the side of the tub. It appears to be moving.

My first thought, because I hate spiders is to, jump back, hit my head on the low part of the ceiling and think OMG! That better not be some massive spider web/nest type thing. If it is, I will have to burn everything in the tub!!

I rub my head and gingerly peer back in the tub, telling myself that it was too big to be spider nest. (At least I hope it is. ) Upon closer inspection I learn that it is just mold - yuk, we put everything away in a hurry and wet this year (ah, there is a reason for that, if you were there, you know why) and apparently there must have been something on the "feet" for the walking ghost effect. Because what was once eight black pieces of wood with UV footsteps painted on them is now one big moldy brick that would likely grow real feet soon and crawl out of the container to conquer the world or at least eat some unsuspecting neighborhood pet!

For a moment I think that maybe I could clean them off and repaint them. but when they come out as one big piece that I cannot pry apart, they promptly end up in the garbage. Yuk, and then I spray the rest of the things in the tub with half a can of Lysol.

At this point I still have not found what I am looking for, so I open another tub.

OMG!! For real this time.

Those are real spider webs, and a lot of them. Not all together, just criss-crossed back and forth and all around in the tub of skulls with spikes that are used for the front gate. I am mildly curious on how many webs there are, so I pop the lid back open.

Okay, seen enough! It is closed now. Snapped it shut tight. For a brief moment I wonder how much superglue we have on hand.....

I know that tub, I have it committed to memory. Next year, when we are setting up, I am not going to open it. I am half tempted not to tell anyone about it and see what happens next September when someone else opens it :)

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