Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay, I give up

I can't take it anymore. I want to try creating something out of papier maché. You all make the coolest stuff, but with all the raining, I cannot envision anything surviving outside for 32 days in October, in Portland, Oregon.

(my first monster mud maché prop for the yard and it was a lot of fun!)

So I am going to have to make some props for the party. They can stay warm and dry inside the two story shop that we decorate once all the props are outside.

And, like my yard, it has a theme, there is a church facade in front....so I have been going with the church idea on the inside. A dark and evil church, with the upstairs as a store room of relics that the church should not have :)

So my friends, since I won't put pumpkins in a graveyard.....I can guarantee you that I will not put them in the church. (Don't get me wrong, love pumpkins - just have to put them in the right setting.)

BTW - I have been very particular about having almost nothing religious in the yard (I have too much going on in October to worry about the crazy people protesting my yard :)

But as I have said, when it comes to the inside,all bets are off anything goes, as long as it is creative. (I have a few sketches of my own...but I always enjoy suggestions.)

So, people, what things can I make to decorate the inside of a (likely very evil and full of demons) church?


  1. I will have to think on this one, Froggy... I'm sure that many others will have some great ideas, but I can't get past gargoyles right now, and I don't know that there are gargoyles INSIDE a Church, lol... so, hmm... I will definitely keep thinking about this one! Yay!

  2. October's my rainy month and I've had a lot of props turned to moosh. Coat your papier mache with Sculpt or Coat. It's a plastic cream. Your props will last forever. Seriously, forever. You'll have to take a power saw to them when you want to destroy them. Love the stuff.

  3. I feel your outdoor papier mache pain. October is very rainy here as well.

    As for a church prop, it's not papier mache but some creepy stained glass images might fit in well :)

  4. You might be interested in a link that Diane posted on her new blog, Wouldn't You Like To See Something Strange?.


  5. Thanks everyone.

    Gargoyles (Dixie)are good and now that I have found something to coat them with (thanks Drop Gallow.) I am working no a gargoyle for design!!!

    Love the skull link, very creepy. Thanks everyone!


  6. Stuff for inside, besides pews?

    Gotta have a holy water fount by the entry - maybe as a dry-ice punchbowl?

    Backlit stained glass would be fun, but instead of picturing Saints, various Halloween type movie monsters?

    Hymnals full of Poxy Boggards song lyrics (and everything else, of course)

    Stations of the cross type thing, but halloween oriented? Maybe photoshop-ed graveyard setup pictures?

    Sacrificial altar at the front of the church, dripping blood - or is that another opportunity for a red punch fountain?

    Flickering wall sconce torches for lights, using those lit fan-blown streamers to simulate flame? (that might be a fun prop to make)

  7. Wow Quin. Great ideas!

    And so nice of you to volunteer to come help make this stuff :)


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