Thursday, March 5, 2009

The music

matters. Yes it does, especially in horror films! Been spending some time digging through old soundtracks for other projects. I am inspired. I downloaded the sheet music to Halloween, I am going to learn to play the theme on my piano. . . in this lifetime :) At least that is what I am saying today :)

Anyway after posting Billy Connolly it made me think about my second favorite comedian. Eddie Izzard. One of his earliest recorded routines (back when he was still working on his tranny look....I notice the horrible 80's/90's legging nightmare spared no one!)

He has given some thought to the whole horror soundtrack issue and has come up with some very sound observations.

The sound is terrible. I know. It was terrible on the original VHS tape, it was still terrible when they released it on DVD (finally) a few years ago. So just turn up the volume and enjoy.

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