Monday, March 16, 2009

I should just

do it, and not ask if husband cares if I just paint the footsteps directly on the steps. Since the ones from last year turned into a moldy mess, meaning I have to redo them anyway.

Also, we have never been too happy with the feet. We took pieces of thin wood, painted black and then painted a footstep in UV sensitive paint (not glow in the dark.) UV because we want the footsteps to glow and then go to black when the next step is lighted. This is one of the more complicated props in the yard because it involves a video projector, a Prop1 w/an AP-8 and a DC-16, sound activated relay, 10W amp, special black light LEDs, painted feet, seperate speakers and a solenoid that rattles the gate.

See, I have the best husband - he can create almost any crazy idea I come up with. He is wonderful (I say this, because he is, and I need some props for this year :)

A great effect, but we didn't get any usable footage. So, here is how the effect works.

When you see the video with the ghost coming out of the front door (that is the other Chris) you are only seeing part of that effect. The rest of it includes footstep sounds, as if the ghost is walking down the stairs. These continue to get louder to give the idea that the ghosts is actually walking towards the stairs and down to the gate.

By about the 4th step down black light LEDs light up footsteps on each step coming down the stairs, then at the last step, the chained-up gate rattles as if the ghost is trying to get out.

It is the only "jumpy" type effect we have, we keep it a bit quiet and low key to keep the watchers from jumping backwards into the street and potentially getting hit by a passing car. :)

Got a lot of comments on that effect this year, just sorry that I don't have any footage to share. Maybe next year.


  1. My favorite part of the yard. Watching it over and over again.

  2. Ah, thanks, I hope to refine it this year and try to film it in a way that looks as creepy as it is :)


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