Thursday, April 22, 2010

I cannot believe

that I am going to post this picture. This is the yard circa 2001.

There you have it the very first crypt/mausoleum that we ever made. Notice the accurate hand drawn grout lines (LOL!)...I don't remember, but it looks like I did that with a soldiering iron :)

In case you miss this detail,..notice the very bad plastic skull above the entrance. I believe that was a skull I took off a fog machine - you know where the fog comes out his mouth :) I am happy to say that both the skull and the crappy fog machine are both long gone. :D

I particularly like the solid gray columns with the different and ridiculously out of proportion skulls on them....and what is with that other column by the blucky? Was I bored and wanted to make another one? No dear haunters and haunt fans.....likely has to do with the frog queens inability to do math, I would guess I made one too many - there is a good reason I am in marketing and not accounting.

Oh, and more store bought tombstones (yippee!!) there to the right...The left one looks handmade though, and it is one of the good versions..... hum......I have been making tombstones longer than I thought!

And what was I thinking by not removing the silver backing on the foam (inside the crypt)!!! Seriously, frog queen must have been drinking the paint thinner!! Was I thinking it would reflect the lighting that I did not have up??!? Maybe reflect the streetlight?!?! I can tell you now I have no idea why I missed that detail...((hangs head in shame))

And how about my last minute idea of something to put in the crypt. I believe that is a short ladder with black fabric draped over it and if I remember right, those are the original plaster of Paris skulls that my brother made that we later used for candle holders.....until the famous and educational fire. :)

This is the oldest picture I can I believe this is as bad as the torture will get....that is unless I find the witches. Oh yes, the witches.....they were very, very dreadful.


  1. I LOVE seeing these old shots.

  2. LOL! Who would have thought that writing about a Crypt could be so funny. Now bring on those Witches.

  3. agree with rot...these pics are great! its so cool to see how everything progressed to what it is today....also, I really enjoy the blog entry--lots of chuckles and giggles!

  4. I agree these are great posts and photos. I'm sure most haunters have old photos like these. It's neat to see the evolution of your graveyard.

  5. I agree with all the others. Having the chance to see these old pictures is great. It is a lot of fun to see how the Davis Graveyard progressed.

  6. Vintage graveyard. I love it. These old photos have a charm all their own :)


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