Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still not my favorite

but a very beautiful graveyard none the less. These are pictures of the graveyard behind Roslin Chapel (yes, the one from the book/movie) - The chapel itself is astounding, absolutely worth the trip, not just because of the movie but because there is nothing like it, the amount of carvings both inside and outside is astounding.

Just for fun, when you are there if you have a few moments and you can fit through or over the locked gate (which I am not saying you should do :D) head on down the path behind the chapel and check out the graveyard.

Definitely worth the trip! The statue of the angel almost buried in the laurel is my favorite.


  1. Oh, I like.... I snagged a few for my inspiration folder - that angel in the trees is super creepy!

  2. Boy they don't do funerary monuments like they used to. Shame too; some are real works of art.

  3. agree! completely wonderful statue.


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