Monday, April 12, 2010

Still not my favorite

cemetery, but definitely one of the few that I had been wanting to visit since my first trip to Scotland. This is Kilmuir Cemetery on the Isle of Skye. It is one of the islands in the Hebrides that I have always wanted to visit because of its history.

The first couple of times I we were in Scotland the only way to get to island was by ferry or plane. And being that we were travel to Scotland in the off season, there were no planes from Edinburgh, so we never went.

1992 the finally built Skye Bridge which made it easier to get to in the off season, but it still a long drive from Edinburgh to make a day trip. So much to the total bewilderment of our friend and favorite tour guide Derek from Claymore Travels, he helped us arrange a 3 day trip to the island on our last visit.

He found a bed and breakfast that opened just for us....and we headed up to visit. We stopped and visited a few landmarks and castles.....including the very famous and beautiful Eilean Donan castle.

We learned why this is not a popular place in November, not only did he have to find a bed and breakfast that would open for us (they all close mid-October) but one day it was so windy that we could not drive along the coast line.....and for a small island like Skye that is most of the island! :)

But one day we did get to Kilmuir Cemetery....besides just loving old cemeteries, this one is most famous for being the resting place of Flora McDonald. She helped Charles the III (Bonny Prince Charlie) escape to France after the failed battle of Culloden (the last major defeat of the Scottish against the English). This story is famously told in the classic "Skye Boat Song". Click and of the links above for more information.

Anyway, here are some pictures of this very old and interesting cemetery. The tall Celtic cross (last picture) is Flora McDonalds grave.

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  1. Oh, these pictures are WONDERFUL! Thank you for posting so I could see Scotland some for myself. AMAZING!


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